Hi there! Welcome to my Clay Space. My name is Charlie.  I work with clay to create both ceramics and jewelry. I know jewelry and ceramics seems completely unrelated, but in reality they both require a kiln.  What can I say, I like things hot!
CNJCeramics and Sterling Sun Artist Statement

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away…

In college I was bored, ok maybe not bored, but just smothered by trying to understand our Universe while studying Space Science at Florida Institute of Technology.  I had creative tension, which was buried under a plethora of physics and calculus books.  I began creating ceramic pieces, mostly plates and bowls to eat off of, as my creative outlet at Get Fired Up! This little shop, along with my weekly community service with Alpha Phi Omega, is likely the only reason why I made it through college sanely.

Now I create functional pieces of ceramics and jewelry with fundamental design.

Why eat off of the same place setting that thousands of other people eat off? Why not have a guest platter signature plate that matches your wedding invitation?  Why not spend a little extra on your bridal party to give them heirloom quality silver jewelry?  Why not buy something just for you, something that is bold and beautiful with understatement.  Creating art that others love gives me motivation to look inside a red hot kiln.

Here on my site, you can learn more about me and how my ceramics and jewelry can become a part of your everyday life.  I maintain a blog, so that you can learn more about my creative process and my struggles to become a successful entrepreneur.  As a physicist, I seek knowledge and understanding, which you can use to help your own business.  One day I will own a Brick and Mortar shop, but until then you can find my work online and in various galleries in the US.

I love to create custom one of a kind pieces, so request something custom, at least you will know it will be unique and one of a kind.

Go ahead push my creative limits!