Hunger Games Challenge: District 8 Reveal

“A Mockingjay. Just a glimpse of it as it flies by. The same one every time. “―Twill As I menionted before, District 8 is one of the districts which partakes in the uprising.  The characters are very well known from the district, but we do know that their main focus is on fabric and fashion. My(…)


This has been a year in the making and it has come to the final “test”. I use “test” loosely because it’s not graded in the traditional sense, but rather demonstration of technical mastery. I have studied and taken copious amounts of notes and I have definitely had some failures! The end result of all(…)

Graphic Designs for YOU: A Glass Pendant

The series continues this week with more ways to use stock graphics for you artistic business.  This week I am going to show you how I used some resource graphics in your jewelry designs, in this case in particular for a glass pendant. So this idea came around with the Beads of Courage Art Charm Swap.(…)

Style Exploration: Kitsch

Kitsch is a german word.  It is a low-brow style of mass-produced art or design using popular or cultural icons. Kitsch generally includes works that are calculated to have popular appeal. Mistmatched. Low Brow. Gaudy. Style Exploration: Kitsch by clayspace featuring platform shoes Then of course there is the handmade kitschy items…What makes something kitschy when its just(…)

Hunger Games Challenge Inspiration: District 8

And the fun continues with the Hunger Games Challenge… “From the simple, lovely fabrics of the districts to the brocades favoured in the Capitol, District 8 makes it all.“ This district is urban with very little nature for the residents of the district.  Its primary industry is textiles and one of the primary districts to lead(…)