PMC Certification Day 1: Cut of Certification

I came back to my hotel with a battle scar which I am convinced is the blood I am require to sacrifice to the PMC Certification gods. Ok, not really, Terry did say at least 10 times that the tissue blade is extremely sharp…and I distinctly remembering treating it as such, however I still managed to give myself a fairly large gash on my right pointer finger! But really on to more important things…

Terry is an amazing instructor! If you ever have the chance to take a class from him, do it! He is extremely patient, is constantly interacting, and he makes you a perfectionist!

Our class is apparently a bit behind the curve, but I still feel like we accomplished a ton of things today. We didn’t actually get to fire anything today so I suppose technically you can’t consider any of our projects complete at this point, which can be slightly frustrating considering the finishing can take some time, i.e. mirror polish.

On the other hand today, today we:
1) Created the lentil bead – probably the largest source of my frustration today, not because the project is difficult but because I am a perfectionist. I sanded that bead for an hour total today to make sure that where they met was a perfect peak and that the surface of the bead showed no signs of marring or uneveness.
2) Built the tetrahedron – really this is a construction project and consequently about planning ahead. The more you are able to visualize the future the better you are able to complete this task. The most difficult part of the project…not knowing if you screwed up the seams until you have fired it (at least for me).
3) Relief Pendant – I have never carved anything in my entire life…I am not terribly thrilled with how my pendant has turned out, but its a first, so I must love it 😛 I admit I was at a road block for creativity when the demand to start carving came…I did in the end learn how to carve both in an eraser to make a relief style pendant and in the dry metal clay. I think I prefer the dry metal clay carving better.

In the end I am happy with my progress…I look forward to tomorrow 🙂

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