Astronomy and an Anniversary

I have an alchemy request out because well my 2nd wedding anniversary is coming up. I wanted to stay with the traditional and or modern anniversary gift. Funny enough the answer was in front of me all along and ultimately will result in a new product line.

We host dinner parties at our house all the time and it never fails that we run out of serving dishes, which I can make. But what to glaze on them. At first I thought a tree or tree rings, but honestly that is not “us”. Then I had a eureka moment, its simple. Each constellation (of which there are 13 not 12) on the ecliptic plane has a range of dates assocaited with them. I am going to make a set of serving dishes featuring the constellation that is associated with our wedding date (in this case Capricorn). BINGO!

That is so “us” and so Nerdy! I will make sure to post the results..


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