BYOW: A Domain Name

I think this is likely one of the most challenging parts about coming up with your website…the name. If for no other reason than your are stuck with it. I thought of a few of my own: CNJ Creates, CNJ Clays, and Craft ‘n Clays. I wasn’t really happy with them. To me they weren’t creative enough and didn’t really describe me. So what did I do?

I reached out to the fine people of Etsy submitted my very own Alchemy request. Soon enough my answer was in front of me! Provided by PromoteAfrica who makes these gorgeous PVC carved bracelets for charity:

So what did PromoteAfrica come up with?! Clay Space! I loved it. It sounded inviting, wasn’t limited to Metal Clay or Ceramics and could be taken as a space to play or as outter space. Now I just need to create the perfect website at:


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