Where am I and What are you doing here?

In case you are wondering why I moved from wordpress.com and to my own location, the answer is simple. I am a control freak! Ok, not really, I am not that bad, but I knew that if I wanted to have my own business some day that I needed my own website….so here it is! With the new location comes the need to make it more functional (at least in my head). With this in mind I have taken the liberty to think a bit more about what I want to blog about, things for me and things that are useful for you. Here are my best laid out plans just remember that since it is my blog I can do whatever I want in the end:

  • “Can Anybody Hear ME?” Mondays – It’s a big world out there for the online crafter so I am dedicating a day a week to ways that could potentially boost your business.
  • Treasury Tuesdays – I love searching for new products and displaying what I find. It is too bad that I don’t have more money or space.
  • Freebie Wednesday – It is hump day after all, might as well make it fun!  These are things that are free to you and me.  One day I hope to have some giveaways on this day too!
  • “Creative Space” Thursdays – I have a creative process even if it is a bit over engineered.  I will share it with you anyways because it could be quite entertaining for some.
  • Photo Fridays – I take pictures which I am only so-so at, but I have traveled a lot.  It’s a hobby, a very expensive one at that, this is my time to share a little about the places I have been, using minimal words and maximum pictures.
  • “Free Fall” Saturdays & Sundays – Because a writer has to have their freedom.

Oh and if you are wondering what happened to my BYOW series, I am turning it into an e-book because I think it will better serve the community in that form..

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