Welcome to my Creative Space

People probably often wonder where I create my ceramics, so I am taking the time to show you:

Too bad my creative space isn’t always this clean…. Usually there are tumble weeds of dog fur (which thankfully burns off in the kiln) laying in the corners.  My fur baby (a siberian husky) likes to lay under my feet under the counter out there.  The cork board is my current projects and project ideas, I <3 Post It Notes (no really I do).

The kiln on the left, is used frequently (for more than just a heater for the garage). All of my pieces go through at  least two firings.  The first firing is to bisque, so that wet clay becomes hardened (or is dried out?):

I tend to do ceramics in groups, so I generally have ceramics sitting around waiting for me to get the right glaze out. Then when I get  a large enough number of pieces requiring the same glaze colors, I get to work.

It is hard work putting pieces in a kiln. It is like a 3-d puzzle in a contained space. Luckily I have a very talented helper around my house to assist me.  In the end, you get something beautiful:

Next week, I will announce my giveaway, so excited!