The Engineering behind Selling Online

This post was published on Handmadeology on May 20th, enjoy!

The engineer in me makes me analyze everything I do, it is undoubtedly my biggest pitfall. You are a craftsperson and an entrepreneur, but did you realize you are an engineer too?

All artists are secretly engineers.

You use an engineering process daily that takes your product from idea to selling in your Etsy shop.   It is known as a spiral process and it frequently used in the engineering world for rapid application development. Let’s take a look shall we:

Clockwise from top left:Make a Wish by TidbitsPhotography;Colored Pencils by petekdesign;Steampunk Necklace by CompassRoseDesign;“Dogwood” Folding Screen by MHDdesigns

There you are taking your morning shower (that is where everyone has their best ideas, right?) and then you have it, your next idea that is definitely going to be the next Etsy Front Page product.  Of course, you dash out of the shower, forget about the morning coffee and get straight to creating this ingenious product.  Once your product is made you then go through the process of determining the value of your product and take photographs until you capture that perfect angle.  Lastly, you put it all together and you go ahead and list your item on Etsy, knowing it won’t be long before it makes it to the Front Page. (We can all dream a bit, right?)

The process is evolutionary, there is no need to be perfect from the start.

Of course you don’t sit around and wait, you do it all over again the for the next product, or even reinvent the old products in your shop. If you are thinking about selling on Etsy, stop thinking about it and just get started, your products will evolve as your learn..

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