Friday Faves: Apps for the new iPhone

I made the plunge and purchased the new iPhone 4s. My contract was up and it was time to move on from the Blackberry.  What is the first thing that I did you ask, well I downloaded some apps, all free of course.  Here are my first five applications, although I can’t give you a real review on them just yet…

1. Stellarium – It had to be my very first application, a sky map.  The nights are getting a bit cool but with my dobsonian telescope and the crystal clear nights out here it was a must have!

2. Square – I signed up for this months ago and subsequently have had the reader for just as long, but I will now be able to use it!  I have a craft show coming up on November 12th that I can’t wait to use it on.  No more “I have no cash on me excuses” here.

3. GI Monitor – A little discussed topic on my blog is the GI problems that I have. They so far remained undiagnosed which is why I don’t discuss it, but someday soon I hope to share my story. Until then this application will help me keep everything logged.

4. Nike Training – When you need to lose that extra poundage why not have your very own trainer at your finger tips. Thanks Nike!

5. iReadG – You know to feed my RSS reader addiction.  I am working on the 12 step program, once I admit there really is a problem.

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