A Radical Change

So I haven’t really talked about it, but for months now I have been suffering with fatigue, digestion issues, and severe abdominal pains.  The doctors don’t seem to care to help nor have they found out what is actually wrong with me.  Frustrated with the whole thing, I have decided to make a radical change to my diet for at least one month to see if I can tell a difference, all inspired by the book Breaking the Viscous Cycle. I will share my weekly food plans with you as I go along, suffice it to say when you switch to this plan you are making big sacrifices so its not for the faint of heart!
Fruit salad

Week 1 on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet

Breakfast Ideas

Lunch/Dinner Ideas





    • I think I have the opposite problem. I love to cook…but now there are a lot of things I can’t cook with 🙁 I will adapt though.

  1. newcreationz

    Wishing you all the best success with this. I am sure it going to make a difference for you.

  2. Also, MSG is found in a lot of foods which cause a lot of the symptoms that you mentioned. Avoiding MSG is crutial.

  3. I’m sorry to hear that you are having health problems. I have had Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatique Syndrome for may years. It started out with digestive issues. A gastrointestinal specialist told me to take probiotics for my digestive issues and it has made a complete difference in my eating abilities. I went without certain foods for many years thinking that I was allergic but only to find that my colon didn’t contain enough probiotic bacteria. Going without foods like wheat will deplete your vitamin B’s, leading to chronic fatique and it’s no fun not being able to eat foods that you enjoy. Also, pork will make your joints and muscles hurt like heck! This is because it raises the uric acid in your body. Eating a teaspoon of either sweet basil or celery seed will give you instant relief from the pain and help you sleep well because it neutralizes the uric acid. People with Fibromyalgia usually have high uric acid in their system. I highly recommend reading the book, “Healing Spices” by Bharat B. Aggarwal, PhD and Debora Yost. Found at Barnes & Noble or Borders, etc. You will be enlightened to find out natural ways to heal yourself and relief your pain and suffering with spices found in your kitchen cabinet. Let us know how you are doing. Deb

    • You are not the first I have heard GI and Fibro suggestion…Unfortunately this has been going on for months (9 now)…Every time I want to see a doctor it takes 5 weeks. I was told to eat lots of probiotics and have been for months unfortunately it hasn’t helped. Thanks for the sweet basil tip, we grow that in our herb garden but the seasons over, I never knew!

  4. Its amazing the difference we can make to ourselves by paying a little more attention to what we put in it. I hope it works out for you…The photo of your fruit salad is making my mouth water!

  5. My daughter is allergic to gluten (not celiac) and really has to watch what she eats. I’m lactose intolerant, so no dairy for me. I hope these changes really help you feel better!

  6. Michelle-GrapeVineCeramicsGft

    I hope this helps. I’ve been trying to remove processed foods from our diet as much as possible – Just can’t get the wheat out yet.

  7. Nancy

    Maybe it’s Celiac where you need gluten free? It’s no fun what you’re going through. I hope this change in diet will bring you relief.

  8. I have Fibromyalgia and I have to watch how much wheat products I eat. I bloat up and get lethargic, joints ache, no energy, and so on.

    I will be curious to see if you get relief. You are right, it’s hard to do because most of our foods are wheat centered. When I slip up and start feeling bad I do a purge with tons of veggies and fruits and start feeling better. I think many of our ailments are related to food allergies. Good luck!

  9. kathleen

    This sounds really good. I recently made changes in my eating habits that resulted in a loss of 40+ lbs. Once I made the decision to change how I eat, it wasn’t that difficult… Good luck!

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