Wedding Wednesday: Week 4

I kind of got ahead of myself last week, didn’t I?!  Oh well, so here goes about the ring…

As far as the color of metal the answer was obvious silver/white gold/platinum, you get it. I only own a couple of pieces of jewelry that are gold in color and they rarely get worn, I just don’t think it is me.  Of course the actual type of medal became quite the topic of discussion with the jeweler since Nick knoews all too well how abusive I am to my jewelry since I wear the same pieces all the time and I never take them off…He soon found that sterling silver was really the ideal metal for me but at the time it was unheard of that diamonds would be set into sterling silver (but now 4 years later, that is changing!).  None the less he settled on white gold.

If you have ever gone engagement ring shopping you know that there are nine million options and it can be quite overwhelming even for a woman! Imagine that…None the less I really wanted to design my own ring to look like a comet. I am nerd, so what!?  Unfortunately I never got my sketches far enough along for it really to come to fruition, but we looked at rings together.  I knew I wanted it simple.  I knew that I didn’t want colored diamonds which started trending about then.  I also knew that I didn’t really care how big the diamonds were.  And for some odd reason I was really drawn to the three diamond setting. I left it at that maybe that was too much information…

None the less he proposed to me with this ring here:

engagement ring

Yes, our wedding bands are in this photo too. This picture was taken on our wedding day.  I managed to find the photos which is good since I will have to start talking about our wedding sometime soon 😛

The technicalities of the ring don’t matter in my opinion so I won’t bore you with those details.  None the less when I am older I envisioning finally making my comet ring and not all of the diamonds will be used.  Those that don’t get used will go to my children…That is a totally different story though!

What did you miss so far?


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