Hunger Games Inspired Jewelry

So two weeks ago, I purposed a challenge to create something inspired by The Hunger Games.  I almost immediate got started creating.  You see I had received a bead during the 12 Days of Christmas fun that I had yet to use, and it looked to me like fire!  I knew I had to create a Girl on Fire necklace for the movie showing I was going to attend.  Here is what I came up with.

katniss necklace, girl on fire necklace, hunger games inspired jewelry, hunger games necklace

People loved it. Don’t worry I will be selling a few (limited addition) in my shop once I get it up and functional :)

Then I had these beads that I bought at the BeadFest SantaFe Show. They are dark gray and have some crystal in them, all natural stone. I am sure someone knows what they are, but when I saw them I was inspired to make a district 12 necklace.  This is what I came up with.  This will eventually be on sale too!

The hunger games, real or not real, district 12, hunger games district 12 necklace

At any rate, I don’t have anyone else to add to the challenge at this time.  But you live and learn.

I am thinking about starting a quarterly challenge, where I send out one of my metal clay creations to 6 people or so and they can create a piece of jewelry and we have a blog hop with them. What do you think?