Free Ad Space

You heard me right, I said free ad space!

You see I have a footer widget area in my that needs some attention…

Free ad space for artist, free ad space for component suppliers

So here is the deal…

Why am I doing this?

I love to promote DIY, handmade shops, crafty blogs, suppliers, creative businesses, and other related websites here on Clay Space. My readers are a mix of professional crafters, shoppers, hobbyists, and newbies to the world of DIY.

Our average monthly page views are 8000+ and growing! We have a great community on Facebook and Twitter as well. Links to our posts are sent out to our Facebook fans and our twitter followers. Your ad will be viewed by a targeted audience that is interested in handmade, DIY and creativity.

BONUS: Each sponsor is eligible for a spot light post.  All you have to do is put in some effort to provide me information.  I also like to share my sponsor’s businesses on facebook and twitter.

About the Ad Space…

I currently have one option for Ad Space.  They are sized 125 x 125 and are featured at the bottom area of my website.  The space will feature 6 ads at a time and will be randomly rotated (by my website, not by me).

The Fine Print…

Ads may be declined due to subject material or esthetics. Please try to use a clear image for your ad. Make sure your text is legible! Please note I don’t have time to create the ad for your nor do I have time to resize them.  If you have questions you can always contact me.

Ready for free advertising?

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