I am so excited about launch…both the actual rocket launch and that of my new product line.  I wanted to create a line of jewelry that captured the essence of why I chose my career path.  That since of wander and beauty that is beyond our Earth.  I was always naturally curious what laid beyond the next obstacle in front of me.

This line of jewelry is stunning.  They feature a wide range of colors and beauty that from afar look like curious gemstones, but up close reveal the secrets of our universe.

Spacets, the curious assets of space that you can wear.

I could just keep talking about it, but honestly I want to share my love of space with as many as I possibly can, therefore, I am giving away a beautiful pair of cufflinks for that special man in your life.

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An accessory is a small, but fun, way to add a little extra flair to your favorite suit. You won’t find a more out of this world accessory than this high quality, universally beautiful glass cabochon space themed pair of cufflinks. Boasting incredible bright blues, pinks, and yellows in the outstanding photograph found on each cufflink, with these lovely little things you will have not only a gorgeous new accessory, but a unique way to make your next suit really stand out.  If you’re looking for a new pair of cufflinks that not everyone at the office will be wearing this season, you won’t find a more cosmically stellar option anywhere else.
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