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The heart is an ideography used to express the idea of the “heart” in it its metaphorical or symbilic sense as teh center of emotion, including affection and love, especially (but not exclusiviley) romantic love.

—The Classic Romantic

The heart is a classic design element found everywhere in fashion; from accessories to clothing to shoes. When you pair that with an incredibly designed romantic style pattern across the classic heart, you’ve created a fashion style the true romantic is sure to fall head over heels for. For the perfect addition to the true romantic’s wardrobe, look no further than this amazingly beautiful metal clay heart pendant necklace. Created with the finest silver and adorned with a gorgeous and classic romantic style pattern, this lovely metal clay heart pendant will add a touch of love to anything you pair it with.

—The Diva

This hand stamped tribal heart pendant is the perfect gift for your loved one on your eighth anniversary — The Bronze Anniversary.  This bronze heart pendant is bold, beautiful, and makes a statement. There is nothing more simple, or age old, than a lovely accessory created with bronze metal; it easily adds a touch of class and sophistication to your wardrobe. When you pair a lovely bronze piece with the classic design element of the heart, you have an addition to your wardrobe that you won’t get from any other piece. This incredible bronze metal clay heart pendant necklace not only looks beautiful in the box; just adding this piece to your wardrobe can easily allow you to add a bit of class and sophistication to a more casual look, or just include a little more love in a dressier look. No matter what you want to pair it with though, this incredibly bronze metal clay heart pendant necklace will look beautiful.

The Cow Girl

Hearts and flowers are the perfect symbols of love; they not only look beautiful, they invoke the feeling of love just upon the sight of them. Whether you need a beautiful token of your feelings to give the person you love most, or you simply want to show yourself some love, you won’t find a more beautiful, yet simple, choice than this gorgeous heart pendant necklace. From the lovely flower pattern on the heart piece to the silver metal clay heart piece itself, the beauty and simplicity of this gorgeous pendant is sure to make someone’s heart flutter. Give them flowers, give them your heart, and give them both with this incredible metal clay heart pendant necklace. 

The Yogi

This is a unique silver pendant for the mindful lover in your life. This Lotus Heart pendant is simple, elegant, and unique. Each petal of a flower, just like each heart of a person, is totally and completely beautiful and unique. If you need a beautiful, and creative, gift for the person that owns your heart, there is no better choice than this incredible silver metal clay heart pendant necklace. The lovely, well-made heart pendant features a gorgeous flower with well-defined petals and gem center so you capture not only the beauty of the heart, but flowers as well in this simple but elegant style. You won’t find an accessory for your love more perfect than this amazing heart pendant necklace. 

The Volunteer

There is no other color more synonymous with true love than red; a crimson, rose colored red like the blood that is being pumped through a full, passion filled heart. In a perfect representation of love truly flowing through a heart, this gorgeous silver metal clay heart with lovely red accents is an absolutely amazing addition to your accessory wardrobe. Pair this incredible necklace with your everyday attire to keep that special someone close to your heart, or with a more elegant wardrobe choice to add a pop of color; either way you, or your loved one, will not only look incredible, but carry your love with them as well.


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