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I can’t believe that it has been 14 years since I first stepped into the Paint Your Own Pottery studio that has lead me down this path where I am today. In fact that very place I believe still exist, Get Fired Up in Melbourne, although I haven’t been back since I left Florida, over 10 years ago. It’s true that back then I used it as an outlet, a way to be creative in between all the logic and equations. Honestly, the reason why I create is still the same.

I can’t help but be extremely curious about the world around me.  Unfortunately just seeing it is not enough, I want to be in it, to experience it.  I have traveled the world (literally all 7 continents) and the desire is still there to continue on.

My creations are a continuation of this curiosity.  If I wasn’t space limited I would probably do more than just metal clay and ceramics.  Then at the same time, the constraint on space and therefore supplies also helps me to explore my mediums more in depth and to become an expert in them.  Take for example some of these new creations that I have dived into; while not polished or refined yet, they are an expression of experience under the sea and more so they are expression of my continual desire to explore and learn something new.

What drives you?


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