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This month is kind of a big deal for me…because I have secret.  If you know me then you know what I do, but if not well then the secret is about to come out.

I am going to Space!

Are you with me?  In order to celebrate I have a new line of jewelry coming out on March 19th, the date of the launch (both figuratively and literally).  Today I am going to share just a little snippet from my new line, the Aurora Nebula earrings which come in both dangle and post style.

Then as if that wasn’t crazy enough I have been tossing around this crazy idea to expand beyond my normal jewelry creation and into clothes items and fashion accessories.  Not just anything though, it has to be space themed. Here is what I conceptualized, all revolving around the Aurora Nebula.  There would be other styles as well.

Space Clothes and Accessories

Drape Kimono $65 // Square Scarf $40 // BodyCon Dress $80 // Cellphone Case $35 // Headband $15 // Leggings $55

So tell me, am I crazy?

If you give me your opinion you just might get something special 😉


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